Welcome to Replica!

welcome to the dark side of the moon

welcome to my little area on this site

hi, im rei. i made this website. this is my little out of character area on it where im going to drop all pretense of an arg entirely. no replica project, no ascend corp, just me. so welcome, sit back, relax, and maybe even grab a drink if thats your thing. welcome to my blog thing.

layer 01 - how i come up with ideas

02.28.20 - rei

i dont really, i just like. randomly get them in my head, like oh what if i reversed on the out of character pages or used black text instead of pink. what if i added a vhs overlay and shit. its just what i do, i cannot explain it. its just so fucking hard for me. why am i like this? i can make ideas but i can hardly ever act on them, and when i do they turn out worse than i thought they would. fuck what is wrong with me. i guess thats why im making a site like this, maybe through my creation can i learn more about the creator. i know like, shockingly little about myself, its, so strange. i feel such a detachment from my "real" self that i dont feel it is my real self. this is my real self, i cant be this open in real life. this is my real life. this is more important to me, the only reason i live my real life is as a vessel for my online life. im a mess. and i guess that is what inspires me