Welcome to the Replica system homepage! / This is still a heavy work in progress so expect major changes at any point!

Welcome to Replica!

Apply to ASCEND into the virtual afterlife today!

The world may be coming to an end, but you don't have to

As you probably know by now, our world is starting to come to an end it seems. With the constantly rising water levels it seems that there are fewer and fewer places to go. Who knows when we might all be underwater. It's a very insecure time for everyone, but it doesn't have to be.

Welcome to Replica! This is a project by the ASCEND Croperation to provide more security after death. Our goal is to allow humanity to live on in digital form even if the world were to come to an end. We have built a facility on the Moon where we will be keeping your backups. Just imagine, living forever in a perfect utopia! All you have to do is apply to have your brain scanned just after your death, or even just before if you want to be really sure you'll make it to Replica.

And we're live!

06.06.06 - reitrace (OoC)

Hey everyone, I'm reitrace, or just Rei if you like! I'm the creator of this site, i know crazy right. Well anyways this is my second website i designed that ive made public after my neocities page.
This site is also a lot more advanced than that neocities, using PHP and also having a more advanced concept. While Hello Navi is a design playground for me, this is the application of it. Replica is an ARG that i have wanted to make for a while now. Heavy influence from SOMA, modern day corperations, Serial Experiments Lain, and the web design of TSUKI Project.
I have always been fascinated by the concept of brain uploading, as well as simulated reality, so consider this a combination of the two ideas. They do kind of go hand in hand really.
This website is hosted by Leprd which is a provider I would definitely reccomend if you like free providers like tilde or neocities but want to do some more advanced stuff with PHP and such.
Anyways, enough talk. More working. As I write this I havent even finished the actual site so maybe I should get on that.
I will be making other news posts but more than likely in some kind of character, unless it impacts the site itself in reality.

Catch you on the flip side,